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We offer a wide range of antenatal and birth education courses based throughout the UK. Offering education, advice and support to expectant parents up and down the country. Courses available to all expectant parents from 26 weeks.

Our Courses

Bump Birth and Beyond offer a genuine alternative to the traditional classes delivered by the NHS and NCT.

Developed and delivered by registered Midwives, our classes offer honest, informal and professional content.


Take some time to read about the fantastic journeys our past and present course attendees have been on and how Bump, Birth and Beyond have helped.

Meet the Team

Our courses are always run by our practicing and registered Midwives who have been trained in how to deliver our specially developed courses.

Use the link below to meet the team and learn a little more about their experiences and lives.

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The ideal gift for any expectant parents who are looking for Antenatal Courses!


Book it now. Pay it in 6.

Interest-free. Easy.

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