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You are probably wondering what makes Bump, Birth and Beyond different from other Antenatal classes.

Bump, Birth and Beyond’s 5 week antenatal course was designed to include everything that you need to know and more.

As a midwife I have had many opportunities to speak to families after the birth and into the postnatal period. For many of these new parents, despite taking antenatal classes with a range of different providers, there were many things that came up over and over again. Why didn’t we know about this? No-one informed about that? We had no idea that the process was going to be like that, etc. It was with all of this in mind that I created the Bump, Birth and Beyond antenatal classes. Classes that not only go over all of the usual information to prepare you, but which also explains the protocols, processes and reality of childbirth in the NHS.


However, as an advocate for positive experiences in childbirth I also include how to make sure that whatever road your pregnancy and birth leads you down, results in a positive experience. I am here throughout not only the course, but until after you have had your baby. I cannot give you clinical advice, but am here to guide and advise you and to help you to have honest and open conversations with your healthcare providers to ensure that you have the best experience for you and your baby.

During the antenatal course we will cover a range of topics:

  • Preparing your mind and body

  • Preparing for birth and going into labour

  • Labour and Birth

  • The postnatal period and breastfeeding

  • Life with your newborn.

Within the classes we will have discussions and use different activities to help you and your partner understand and prepare for labour, birth and life with your new baby.



Introduction to Bump, Birth and Beyond, get to know your group, preparing for birth, what to pack in your hospital bag, birth plans and getting ready to go, preparing your body, perineal massage and breathing techniques.


When is term, natural ways to start labour, what is a sweep, induction of labour, shared decision making and when to go to hospital, pain relief options & massage.


Early labour, changes to your body, the role of the partner, active labour, active birth, rotation of the baby, mode of delivery and the placenta.


What happens in the hours following birth, skin to skin, bonding and breastfeeding/feeding your baby.


Now you are home, how to care for your newborn, local support, and future care. We will also cover mental health and postnatal depression.


Once all your babies have been born, we arrange another session in a local venue where everyone has the chance to meet the newest additions to the Bump, Birth and Beyond family!

  • Five evening group sessions

  • A course folder which will grow each week and that you can refer back to at any time should you need to.

  • FREE Social Media support groups, so that you can socialise and support each other throughout this experience.

  • Small group sessions. Each course will have a maximum of 10 couples. By limiting the amount of people in the class, we are able to tailor classes better to suit the group and couples tend to find a more intimate experience beneficial.

  • Support from our practising midwives who understand the system and can provide up to date and realistic, information and advice, whenever you need it.

  • A postnatal ‘meet up’. So we can all meet the new additions.

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Image by Camylla Battani