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Midwife Led Antenatal Classes in Bournemouth

Hi I am Lucy from Bournemouth. I’ve been a Midwife since 2010 and have worked in all areas of the Maternity service across 6 different Hospitals. My career includes community work, home births, stand alone birth centre, labour wards, triage and everything in between giving me the knowledge and experience to help you to prepare for labour, birth and a baby. 


I am extremely passionate about informed choice so during this course I aim to give you as much information as possible to enable you to be more involved in your care planning and make decisions based on evidence. My classes are very relaxed, no questions are off limits and fun and laughter is encouraged!


I am a lively, outgoing person who is always on the go. In my spare time I love eating seafood, quizzing and generally spending time with my family and friends. 


Fun fact: I once did 5000 press ups in one month for charity. (I wasn’t even particularly good at them, even at the end I was doing them 10 at a time!)

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For any questions about our Bournemouth courses, please contact Lucy on:

Bournemouth Courses

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As you may have seen from our social media channels, Bump, Birth and Beyond is rebranding to become Pregnancy to Parenthood. Our courses, locations and team members have all remained the same so we'll still be delivering our fantastic, award winning courses, just under a different name!

If you have any problems booking through the new website, please email us on

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