Midwife Led Antenatal Classes in Bournemouth

I am Lucy, I live in Highcliffe with my wonderful partner Scott, my teenage step-daughter Leah and step son Archie. We have two cats called Juno and Jasper who are definitely the bosses of our house! In my spare time I enjoy pole fitness, aerial hoop, poker and am also a trustee of a children’s cancer charity.

I have been a Midwife since 2010 working in Buckinghamshire in all of the ward areas, after a couple of years I found my love for teaching when I became a Practice Development Midwife which involved organising and delivering training to Midwives and Doctors. I then decided to leave Buckinghamshire and start my adventures in London! In London I worked in two really busy units in the triage departments, I learnt so much during this experience and helped lots of expectant mothers through their pregnancy.


It was in 2017 when I moved back home to Dorset and settled into the life of a

Community Midwife,  that I developed my passion for antenatal education. I think it is so important to have a well-balanced idea of what to expect in your pregnancy, birth and with a newborn baby. So often I have cared for mothers in labour who have had no idea how long labour lasts or what pain relief options are available to them and labour really isn’t the time to start these discussions. Of course we will discuss your options with you in labour and answer all of your questions but isn’t it so much more beneficial if you already know some stuff?

I have also worked in a stand-alone birth centre (a birth centre that is run solely by Midwives) and in various management positions. I have a wealth of knowledge all about pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period that I am so excited to share with you. I also am really keen for you to develop a support network, a small group of parents going through a similar journey to you so you can support each other. You just don’t know how valuable it is to have friends who are on the same journey as you until you have experienced it yourself, this course will be invaluable to you, not just for information but for friendship and support. 

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For any questions about our Bournemouth courses, please contact Lucy on: