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My name is Emma and I am the sole teacher and founder of Bump, Birth and Beyond (Horsham) Ltd. I am a qualified and practicing NHS midwife for a top London hospital. I am a mother to two, not so little, girls and I live in Horsham with them, my partner Marcus, who you may speak to from time to time as he is my admin King. We also have a cat called Tino and our two new additions Sugar and Plum, our baby rabbits.


I have a passion for all things birth and pregnancy related and am a strong believer in women having good evidence-based information. Allowing them to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy, birth and beyond. I run antenatal classes, I am a trained hypnobirthing practitioner and I offer postnatal breastfeeding support for women who need a bit of extra care in the early days. I am also looking forward to my next venture which is accredited by both the Royal College of Midwives and the Human Givens Institute of Psychotherapy and will give me the tools to work with women to overcome previous birth trauma.

When I was expecting my first child Anya, back in 2007, as most of you will, I became very interested in pregnancy and birth. I found myself constantly reading and trying to find out new, reliable information. The problem is that it was always hard to differentiate what was real and what was opinion. I was lucky enough to attend free antenatal and postnatal classes, however, with time restrictions, these classes only covered the basics. I was more than happy with these at the time, it was only later that I realised that just knowing the basics isn’t actually enough. My experiences of childbirth, being in hospital, returning home and breastfeeding were a mix of both good and bad. Some things were just as I expected and some were a completely different story.

After the birth of my second daughter Matilda in 2009, I was visited by a lovely midwife. She spent lots of time making sure that both Matilda and myself were ok and it was after seeing her that I made the decision to train to become a midwife myself. I thought about the different ways I had been treated by different midwives, I thought about the information (or lack of it) that I had been given and I grieved over some of the choices that I was unable to make. I decided that as a midwife I would make sure that I treated all women equally and would take the time so that no one was made to feel the way that I had felt in some situations during my time in hospital.

Four years later, I was a qualified midwife and I started working in a London maternity unit. During my time there I have been lucky enough to gain experience in all areas of maternity care. I have worked on postnatal ward, Labour ward, High risk HDU on delivery suite, I have cared for women after still birth. I have worked in antenatal clinic, Day Assessment Unit, Community, The Birth Centre and I have attended Home Births. My time in all of these areas made me realise one thing. I have a passion for educating parents to be. I like to make sure that the information that they receive is accurate and up to date. I like to guide them and I promote normality and women’s choice whilst helping parents to understand the importance of intervention in some circumstances and how lucky we are to live in a country where we have these options (and remember that they are options).

I believe antenatal education should not be solely about what to expect from birth and how to prepare for life with a new baby. It should be about preparing your body, your mind, your partner, your world. It should be about making friends, accessing good information and resources and really thinking about what you want for your body, for your birth and for your baby. So, at the beginning of 2018 Bump, Birth and Beyond was born. A hub for me to share information with women and their partners, for parents to be to come and feel safe and be able to ask the questions they may have been scared to ask elsewhere. A place for them to get straight answers and to learn and prepare for their worlds to be turned upside down in the best way possible.

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