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Midwife Led Antenatal Classes in Milton Keynes

I am Vicki, I live in Milton Keynes with my partner, Gareth and our three children. When I am not taxi-ing children to various after school clubs I enjoy my local bootcamp sessions and watching films.


I was amazed by pregnancy and childbirth from a young age and I qualified as a Midwife in 2008. I started my career in Bedford Hospital where I developed special interests in infant feeding and supporting families to encourage good mental health. My thirst for knowledge led me to complete a Masters Degree and I am also trained to perform Newborn and infant examinations (NIPE). One of the checks undertaken shortly after birth. 


In 2020 I continued as a Hospital based Midwife in Northampton Hospital where I rotate between Labour Ward, Postnatal ward, Birth centre and the observation wards.


Working long hours in a highly emotional area, I naturally formed close friendships with the Midwives I worked with and when a few of us were repeatedly pregnant at the same time we developed a deeper bond. I therefore know the importance of being able to have a support network where I could (and still can) text at any time of the day or night to ask “Is that normal?” . Having this first hand experience has encouraged me to help create the same magic for new parents.

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For any questions about our Milton Keynes courses, please contact Vicki on:

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