Our 'Positive Birth Affirmation Cards' are specifically designed to help reframe your mind to create positive thoughts around birth. These specially designed cards can be used day-to-day throughout your pregnancy and during labour. They are perfect for any pregnant women, regardless of if this is your first baby or subsequent births.


Either choose one daily to focus on or put them up around your house, car, purse, office, or anywhere you will notice them frequently. Some people like to make a recording of their partner reading the affirmations, and use this to help them relax.


Just sit back, rest your hands on your abdomen, close your eyes and listen to the sound of your partners voice reading these positive affirmations. Done regularly you may even find that your baby starts to remove in response.


Our 'Positive Birth Affirmation Cards' come in their very own re-usable metal tin. Ideal for keeping your cards neat and safe.


Did you know that we also offer a digitally downloadable version, ideal fo your phone or laptop!

Positive Birth Affirmation Cards