• 'Helped us to have a positive and completely natural birth experience this time round'

    Claire Matthews

    My husband and I had 1 on 1 hypnobirthing sessions with Emma following a pretty traumatic first labour and it was the best decision we could made. I was very nervous about the Labour of our 2nd child but after the first session with Emma, I felt a lot calmer in myself towards the thought of labour and it only built from there. Emma helped me change my mindset ready for my 2nd labour, being extremely informative and fully supportive throughout. It was invaluable to be able to draw on her experience as a trained midwife. Using the techniques taught, it really helped us to have a positive and completely natural birth experience this time round. Thank you Emma for all your support and guidance and I can wholly recommend this course to anyway, whether it's your first, second or third and beyond!

  • 'It was like learning from a friend'

    Russell Doyle

    I started the course with very little knowledge on pregnancy, labour, childbirth and what comes next! From the first session I found the course really interesting and informative, I knew it would have a positive influence on both myself and my other half. We didn’t have a straightforward birth but feel that the hypnobirthing helped both myself and my wife remain calm throughout the whole ordeal and the information and understanding that we gained from Emma’s antenatal course helped us with knowing all our options whilst we were in hospital. 
    I would recommend both the hypnobirthing and antenatal courses that Emma runs, she is very patient and helpful and it was like learning from a friend. 
    Thank you Emma for being such a star!

  • 'Emma gave is more information than we even knew existed'

    Anna Simpson

    Before starting the Bump, Birth & Beyond antenatal course, I didn’t really have much of an idea about anything to do with pregnancy, labour and what to do with a newborn - especially the importance of doing all you can to create a positive birthing experience! Emma gave us more information than I even knew existed which allowed us to weigh up all the options we’d be faced with. She taught us to trust our bodies and our instincts and to remain in control of any situation that might arise. 
    Emma is invested in every couple’s journey leading up to and after the birth of our babies and has been such a massive support throughout this journey. 
    If you’re unsure of which antenatal course to do, I cannot recommend this and Emma enough! The classes themselves were so chilled and we felt totally at home, each week looking forward to the next session.

  • 'Definitely highly recommend the course'

    Iris Shih

    Definitely highly recommend the course. The 6 week course not only helped me to prepare for labour, but also what to expect after birth. My contractions started two hours after the final class, so my husband and I still had fresh memories of all the information we learnt from Emma! 
    Also, I’d highly recommend the one to one breastfeeding course too! Emma guided me step by step until my baby latched properly and also answered numerous questions to ease the panic. Thank you so much Emma!

  • 'I learnt so much every week'

    Kimberley Thompson

    If you're looking for a great teacher then look no further than Emma Savage! She's superb; my partner and I learnt so much each and every week! The class was small, which made each session a lot more personal, which made it a lot easier to ask those "silly" but not silly questions. 
    We're so much more relaxed about the up and coming birth of our first baby, thanks to Emma!
    Book with Emma now, if you haven't already

  • 'Recommend to any expecting dad or mum!'

    Sam Simpson

    Emma helped me and my wife with the birth of our firstborn in so many ways. I learnt about things I had no idea about before starting the course which have helped me with the baby so many times now already! I would thoroughly recommend to any expecting dad or mum! She is very welcoming in the groups and very thorough with the information she provides.

  • 'Kept me in such a positive state of mind'

    Amy Isted

    The KGH Hypno birthing course delivered by bump birth and beyond is awesome and the experience is only enhanced by the fact that Emma is a midwife. 
    Following a pretty traumatic first birth I wanted to say thanks for all your help. I truly believe that being re-programmed by hypnobirthing and listening to my body and remaining as relaxed as possible using my yoga breathing kept me in such a positive state of mind. Even though second time around was not that dissimilar a set of situations to last time somehow I am viewing it totally differently. Totally positively. I feel like I gave the natural v-bac all the chance I could and can view the induction followed by the c section as a positive experience that delivered a healthy baby and was so relaxed and positive. And knowing now that she was a whoppping 9lb13 and back to back with her head pointing up at the stars I feel such immense relief! Finally thank you for coming to my aid again with a home visit and brilliant advice to sort out my poor sore nipples and get us on track with breast feeding. You really are a Wonder Woman!!

  • 'We looked forward to the class every week'

    Laura Williams

    I would absolutely recommend the bump, birth and beyond antenatal course. I had read a lot online and also attended an nhs class but I would not have felt anywhere near as calm and prepared for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, labour, birth and the first days with our new baby if we hadn’t been to Emma’s classes. There’s no substitute for 12 hours with a practising midwife and being able to ask any questions. We looked forward to the class every week, partners were really included, the setting was cosy and comfortable and Emma was a friendly, caring face. It was great to meet other expectant parents too!

  • 'It was so positive and empowering'

    Kathryn Nutting

    We were so pleased to find the Bump, Birth and Beyond antenatal course. The central Horsham location and timing of the classes worked perfectly for us and were the initial reason for booking on. But the actual course was so much more than we hoped for and as two initially clueless soon to be parents was the perfect preparation we needed. It was so positive and empowering, putting us in a position to confidently question choices put our way during labour and stay in control of the process despite the twists and turns dealt to us. Emma is so knowledgeable and helpful during the course and on hand with advice and support all the way through to your baby arriving! Thoroughly recommend Emma and the course to any first time parents.

  • 'I have never felt calmer or more in control'

    Jocelyn Doyle

    We were lucky enough to be able to attend both of Emma’s courses, the hypnobirthing and antenatal. I had done a little research before and they both sounded like the perfect antidote to what we had heard about other similar courses and I am so glad we went with them! Emma is a truly lovely lady, very calm and knowledgable about everything she talks about and gives you the most up to date information on EVERYTHING you need to know; her background, experience and understanding, as a mum herself, makes her the perfect teacher. Ultimately this proved invaluable for us as our birth experience didn’t end up going ‘to plan’ at all but I have never felt calmer or more in control of a situation. I honestly don’t think that hadn’t I been given all the information that I had, or used the techniques from the hypnobirthing that we were taught, that I would’ve been able to cope with the situation the way I did. 
    Thank you Emma, I truly think you are the reason we have one very chilled out and happy little baby at home with us!

  • 'I learnt so much more than I knew ten years ago'

    Tammy Payen

    Brilliant classes, welcoming, fun and informative, I learnt so much more then I knew ten years ago, you don't have to be a first time mum too get a hell of lot of Emma's classes. So much has changed, and it's well worth the money.

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